Policy on prescription medications

For the health and safety of our clients and their pets, and to comply with the Food and Drug Administration regulations, we have specific rules that must be followed by our veterinarians, our staff, and our clients in regards to the sales of prescription medications. Of special concern is the refill of medications used in the treatment of on-going or recurring conditions.

All prescription medications require the verbal or written approval of one of our veterinarians. For this approval to be given, the pet must have a concurrent veterinary exam, or in the case of refill medications, have had an exam by one of our doctors within the last year that involved the same problem or condition.

A healthy veterinarian-client-patient relationship is of maximum importance to us, and we feel these guidelines are necessary for the well-being of everyone concerned.

Prescriptions over the Internet

Since the advent of the Internet and all of the marketing opportunities provided therein, we have found ourselves in a dilemma between what is ethical and what is economical for our clients. Our prescriptions can be undersold, but the online companies cannot and will not provide the service that we do, and it is questionable whether their businesses are even legal.

Only licensed pharmacies can sell prescription medications without having a direct relationship with the patients. We have no assurance that online and mail order companies are licensed pharmacies. Therefore, we have made it our policy to deal only with licensed pharmacies when we need to send a client elsewhere for a prescription medication.

Our prescription services

Anything we don’t have in stock we will gladly order or have a local pharmacy provide. However, we do not write prescriptions or phone in prescriptions for Internet or mail order purchases. By purchasing these products directly from us, you have our assurance that:

  • The product is within dating and has been stored appropriately.
  • The doctors and staff understand the usage and precautions of the product.
  • The staff can provide help with and answer questions about product administration.
  • You will be kept informed of other new or alternative products.
  • Returns will be provided if problems occur.
  • Medical records will be updated and prescriptions recorded.
  • The pet-owner-doctor relationship is kept current and viable.
  • Our medications are purchased only from reliable, ethical, authorized manufacturers and distributors that back the products they sell.

We provide the customer service that mail order/Internet facilities cannot. There are no regulations governing mail order or Internet “pharmacy” companies. There is no assurance of product quality, potency or safety. We feel your pet deserves the best and we strive to provide only that.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Kelly Regan, D.V.M.
Benjamin Kong, Hospital Manager


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